About METU3 Wave Model

METU3 wave model that was developed in cooperation with METU (Middle East Technical University) for Turkish coasts under the NATO TU-Waves project, has been used since December 1999 for marine forecast at TSMS. This model outputs has been at the Web side (www.meteor.gov.tr) since January 2004. ECMWF wind fields in 0.25° X 0.25° resolution are used in the model as input. Model generates outputs for three different parameters such as 10 meter wind speed (kt) and wind direction, wave height (m) and wave period (s). Model forecasts these parameters from 12 hours to 72 hours by 3 hours difference over Black Sea, The Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea and Meditteranean Sea.

The first term of the map is name and unit of parameter. They are 10 meter wind (knot), W.Height (meter), W. Period (second). The term RUN presents model's run date and time. Model runs two times during the day, at 0000 and 1200 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). It should be added 3 hours in summer season, 2 hours in winter season to get Turkish local time. The term T+ presents the forecast period of the map. It means, if we want 24 hour forecast (T+24), it should be added 24 hours to the Run Time. For example, if run time 24 February 2004 1200 GMT, we should add 24 hours to the run time. This gives us Valid date of the forecast. In this example, It should be 24 February 2004 1200 GMT.